Misophonia & Hyperacusis in Westby

Misophonia and Hyperacusis in Westby

We Can Treat Your Sound Sensitivity Disorder

At Professional Hearing Care, you’ll receive highly personalized care for your ears and hearing, including sound sensitivities such as misophonia and hyperacusis in Westby. Our compassionate audiologist and team understand that your symptoms are real and our goal is to ensure your hearing comfort and optimization.

Misophonia, Explained

Misophonia is an abnormally strong negative reaction to specific sounds, known as triggers, like eating, chewing, lip-smacking, licking, breathing, whistling, certain speech sounds, or sounds such as clicking or tapping. This negative reaction often results in anger, distress, and even rage. Body sounds, sometimes called “somatosounds” can also trigger misophonia.

Typically, misophonia develops in childhood or early adolescence but it can also occur in adulthood. It frequently begins after some emotionally significant initial incident associated with the first trigger sound and environmental situation accompanied by a strong emotional event.

Misophonia can occur as a secondary symptom that accompanies tinnitus or hyperacusis, which is often associated with auditory damage or head trauma. Misophonia symptoms can also exist as secondary to multi-sensory sensitivity problems that occur in early childhood in more complex neurological conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Hyperacusis, Explained

Hyperacusis is an abnormally strong and negative reaction to sound or an inordinate loudness of sound that is tolerated by other people. The sounds can be soft, medium, or loud. It may cause fear, distress, or even pain for the person experiencing it.

It is believed that hyperacusis occurs because of hyperactivity within the hearing system.

The auditory system provides an automatic gain or volume control, modifying its sensitivity at both peripheral and central levels. This means when a person is normally exposed to even a low level of sound, the signal is amplified by the outer hair cell system by up to 60 dB. If mechanisms controlling this gain modification are producing higher levels of amplification when it is not needed, overstimulation occurs within the auditory system, resulting in a perception of sound as abnormally loud, and even painful.

Tinnitus Treatments

Tinnitus is a common condition that causes ringing, rushing, or buzzing in your ears. Tinnitus is present in approximately 75% of all people with some form of hearing loss. While it will not cause you to lose your hearing, tinnitus is a leading indicator of hearing loss (even mild hearing loss).

While there is no cure for tinnitus, our providers work with FDA-approved Tinnitus Therapy options, including hearing aids, drug therapy, sound maskers, and allergy treatment to treat and reduce your tinnitus and help you get back to the joys of daily life.

Learn more about tinnitus here.

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